EMI & RFI Shielding

Shielding Electronics In and Out of the Box

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding material is used to confine emissions to a certain area within electronic assemblies or their enclosures. Conversely, shielding material is used to prevent external emissions or signals penetrating and corrupting the same electronics from any outside source.

DK-Daleba has a whole range of EMI products offered under our brand EMI Thermal. The wide range of shielding materials includes:

  • Metalised Conductive Foam Gaskets
  • Conductive Fabric Over Foam Gaskets
  • Conductive Cloth Tape
  • Conductive Silicone Elastomer
  • EMI Absorber WAM
  • Flexible Ferrite
  • Magnetic Sheet for NFC/RFID Applications
  • Magnetic Sheet for Wireless Charging
  • Fingerstock

Our specialist engineers are always on hand to help you chose the best products for your application.

Full details can be found here : www.emithermal.com

EMI Thermal
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